SalesVu's Premium Cloud is packed with powerful new tools to increase sales and reduce costs. | Download our "4-steps" Whitepaper to see how.
Embrace the power of
mobile ordering with
your own branded app
... and without third-party commission costs.
Your customers are on their
phones — you should be too
Create a QR code to
quickly launch the app
Pay less to third-party ordering apps
Your customers could order on an expensive third-party mobile app...or they could download your app from Google Play or the App Store and order from there!

Continue to win new business through third-party apps, and then transition your customers to your restaurant's app

It's a win-win.
Offer AI-powered
Scheduling Classes
Scale up
You could take one phone
order at a time
But it's better to be able
to take 50+ mobile orders
a second, scheduled ASAP
or for later.

Oh, and all mobile orders
integrate seamlessly with
your existing sales and
operations tools, making
fulfillment effortless.
Track Loyalty Points
Enhance your loyalty Programs
Make managing rewards a
breeze. When your regulars
can clearly see the value you
provide, their loyalty won't

Gamification features engage
customers and incentivize
them to buy more. And the
ability to see past orders
makes ordering again quick
and easy.
Sell Gift Cards
Strengthen your brand
Apart from the
professionalism a branded
mobile app adds to your
business, it also strengthens
your web presence.

Prompt customers to post
reviews online after ordering,
or encourage social shares.
Increase Sales
All those customers ordering from third-party apps
could be ordering — and doing so much more —
directly from your own branded app.
  • Take control over the ordering process & your profit.
  • Build your customer base and fill out your marketing lists.
  • Create loyalty with cross-platform incentives and rewards.
Decrease costs
You pay a hefty fee to third-party ordering apps.
Keep new people coming through the door with
external apps, and keep existing customers loyal
with your own app.
  • Reduce the amount of outside commission you pay.
  • Operate on one system to avoid missing orders or
    other mistakes.
  • Customer retention is 5x cheaper than generating new
    business, and Branded Apps are some of the most
    influential ways to engage customers on their terms.
See what businesses
have to say about
We really like the online ordering option provided by SalesVu. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who utilize the system on a daily basis. We also found that the average ticket for orders has gone up 18% since most customers now order through this method.
Antony Ayodele
In today’s social media era, people are increasingly inseparable from smartphones. I feel that the branded app has been more useful because everyone has a smartphone and people do everything with it. Not only can they place a takeout order, but they can also add themselves to the waitlist and make a reservation at the restaurant after we resume the dine-in service
BJ Wang
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