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Streamline operations and reconcile finances with one easy-to-use and fully customizable solution for any commerce workflow.

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Revenue InsightsRevenue
Unified reporting enables finance teams to track and compare sales, profit margins, labor costs, and key metrics in real time.
Centralized ManagementCentralized
Streamline product launches, price adjustments, recipe updates across locations, and easily handle orders for every revenue center.
Operational HarmonyOperational
Manage purchase orders, compare turnover, monitor shrinkage/theft, and smoothly transfer inventory between revenue centers.
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Labor shortages, high inflation, and increased
customer expectations are forcing organizations
to review their commerce workflows.

Our cutting-edge cloud-based platform serves
as the cornerstone for organizations managing
diverse revenue streams and workflows.

Streamlined reporting across revenue centers
for finance teams to analyze sales, profits,
labor costs, and key metrics instantly.
Streamlined reporting
Embedded workflows and AI tools aim to cross-
sell, deliver personalized content, boost
purchase frequency and increase order value.
Embedded workflows
unified platform
A unified platform for purchase orders, turnover
comparison, shrinkagemonitoring, and
easy inventory transfers between revenue centers.
A staff management platform
A staff management platform that helps nurture
a sense of team community and provides
cross-company job opportunities.
A single platform for product and price
management, recipe updates across locations,
and order handling for all revenue centers.
single platform for product and price management
One platform for the IT team to manage user
needs, monitor hardware, oversee settings,
and coordinate new software rollouts.
One platform for the IT team
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Driven by excellence, steered by customer feedback. We continually collaborate with our customers to refine and update our
solutions to optimize their operational efficiency and foster success.
Our promise to you
1 White-glove customer service that includes onboarding, training and technical support.
2 Digital workflow capabilities that thrill your customers and increase sales
3 Increased employee productivity and satisfaction by reducing manual tasks and eliminating system inefficiencies
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Discover how SalesVu can help you grow!
Discover how SalesVu can help you grow!
4-Steps Guide to streamline operations in organizations with multiple revenue centers.
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